Retro Patriotic Online Class

Retro Patriotic Online Class


This online class will go over how to create the designs on the 9 different cookies pictured here! Included in the 1 hour and 15 minute video, I will go over the best icing consistencies to use for outlining and flooding, how to add icing in layers without cratering, how to add piped elements to cookies, how to airbrush, how to create ruffles, how to add painted details and how to create layers of icing right next to each other and have them stay separate. The full 29 page PDF will include information on icing consistencies, my royal icing recipe, my sugar cookie recipe, links to all of the cutters used on these cookies, complete supply list with links, step by step directions with pictures on how to decorate the cookies, outline of the video with time markers and coupon codes to some of my favorite shops. The videos are in real time as I explain how to decorate and add all of the details and embellishments to each cookie. The actual Pooh images are not included in the class set. Please note that this is an online class and no physical products will be supplied. 

The instant downloadable PDF will contain the link to the Vimeo video. This video is intended solely for personal use and may not be reproduced or redistributed in any way. It may not be used in a group setting or to teach your own cookie class without the expressed written permission of 6 B's Creations. Any violation of these terms will result in forfeit of access without refund.

Due to this being an online, instant downloadable product, all sales are final. No refunds will be given.

*The information contained in this PDF is up to date as of June 2023. I am not responsible for links and supply shops discontinuing supplies or updating their links.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What makes your classes different than all of the other online classes I see out there?

Before doing cookies, I was a TK/K/1 Special Education teacher for 8 years. If you've taken a class with me before, you know I like to break tasks apart and explain things in detail. This video focuses on CONTENT and shows you exactly how I create dimension on each of these cookies so you can use the principles taught to design your own creations.

I see you offer a program called 6 B's Insiders. Is it worth it to join?

If you join 6 B's Insiders, you will have access to this class along with ALL of my previous online classes and the awesome classes I am still planning on releasing for the 12 months of your subscription. If you are interested in 2 or 3 of the online classes I'm currently offering, joining the 6 B's Insiders may benefit you as you will have access to ALL classes along with a private Facebook group where you can ask and answer questions with the rest of the members in the group. With the 6 B's Insiders subscription, you will have access to ALL of my online classes and the private Facebook group for one year from your sign up date. Read about 6 B's Insiders

What if I just want to buy this video and not purchase 6 B's Insiders?

Any online class that you purchase individually, is yours to keep and view via the private link for as long as you would like.