6 B's Insiders

6 B's Insiders


Welcome to 6 B’s Insiders! Below you will find in-depth description of all the perks of becoming an Insider! I sincerely hope you find this worth your time and financial cookie investment as I love what I am getting to do with cookies and helping others improve their skills and confidence. With this annual subscription, you will receive:

  • Access to my entire collection of online classes (themed and technique) and tutorials including all future released monthly classes for the duration of your membership. Your membership will end one year from the date you signed up. You will receive an email with the opportunity to renew your membership nearing the end of your one year subscription.
  • A private community group page via Facebook only for 6 B’s Insiders
  • Access to live Q & A livestreams and live decorating of actual custom sets and tutorials via Facebook Live with access to video at any time
  • Access to a Q & A livestream with myself and Mr. 6 B as we discuss licensing, business startups, strategic planning and more!
  • Ability to post, ask questions and receive feedback on your own creations and endeavors in a positive environment! Cookie support is the best!!
  • 10% off supplies in my online store for the entire year you're subscribed (for domestic orders only)!

After purchasing this item you will automatically be emailed a PDF document with directions on how to set up your new account.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does an annual subscription get me unlimited access to all videos past and present?
Yes! You can see all online classes, icing tutorial videos, live Q&A streams :) These online videos will be a mix of my in-person class cookie sets as well as custom classes. You will have access to all of my 2018-2021 online classes as well as all of my new unreleased online classes I will be doing for 2021 and beyond (a minimum of one per month).
How many new videos will you be posting this year? 
Each month there will be a minimum of one online class set. However, some months there may be two or three! 
Will you be doing any intermediate/advanced level classes?
Yes! I plan on releasing between 2-3 (or maybe more) intermediate/advanced online classes in 2021!
Will we be able to request any specific online video tutorials? 
Yes! I plan to poll my Insiders as to what mini video tutorials they would like to see! These will be in addition to my monthly class videos.
You plan on doing live Q&A livestreams. What if I can't watch live? Will they be available after?
Yes! Even if you can't watch me decorate and answer questions live, the videos will be available to watch afterward :) 
What if I've already purchased some of your online classes from your website? Does this subscription still benefit me?
Yes! Any of the videos you have purchased through my website, you will continue to have access to those videos at any time outside of any subscription plan. With the subscription, you will have access to ALL videos for each year you are a subscriber.
Are there benefits to buying individual online classes rather than signing up for a subscription?
Yes and no. You will have access to those individual purchased class videos outside the subscription. However, they will be at full price versus the lower combined price the subscription offers along with other fun perks :)
How long will my membership last in the group 6 B's Insiders?
You will receive access to all videos, content and private group page throughout the entire year you subscribed to 6 B's Insiders. Your subscription will end one year from your date of purchase.
What if I don't have all of the same cutters and stencils you use in your classes?
No problem! The intent of this group is to help you improve your cookie decorating skills across any and all cookies. You can apply the techniques learned in the different videos to your own cookies and sets you are currently working on.
**Due to this being an online, instant downloadable product with access to all online classes (past and future), all sales are final. No refunds will be given.**